Picturing coastal issues

Dr Garry Middle1

1Curtin University, Bentley, Australia


A picture is worth a thousand words, and there are a thousand coastal stories out there. This session is all about photo stories of coastal issues. How this session will work? First, photographers are invited to choose one of their photos that tells a coastal story and have it shown in this session. Second, the session is open to anyone – photographers and non-photographers – to attend and view and discuss the photos. The room will be darkened and each photo will be shown on a screen one at a time. Participants will be given time to reflect, react and then comment on each photo in turn. The photographer can choose to then, in 2 minutes, respond to the comments and tell us what was intended. The session will conclude with a general discussion of the power of photography and to do next – for example, should we publish the photos as a book, or turn them into a photography exhibition.


Dr Garry Middle is an adjunct senior research fellow at Curtin University, and an independent member of the board of the Western Australian Planning Commission as an expert in coastal and environmental planning.