Going digital in coastal asset management

Ms Pamela Wong1Mr Daniel Rodger1, Ms Elisa Zavadil2

1Jeremy Benn Pacific, Spring Hill , Australia, 2Alluvium Consulting, Melbourne, Australia


AssetCoast is an online and app-based coastal asset management system.  It is used for in-field data collection and condition grading, with information stored through an online webpage, linking to available coastal inundation (storm tide) and coastal erosion estimates.  It has been developed to allow a risk-based approach to asset management, considering present day and future conditions.

The system has been used to facilitate data collection within the Douglas Shire Council, QLD, to support their Coastal Hazard Adaptation Scheme.  It uses iPad-enabled coastal asset data collection functions, provides a standard methodology for condition assessment, and assesses the key risks posed by storm tide inundation and beach erosion.

The in-field app is an iOS (IPhone/iPad) location-aware data collection system.  It logs and georeferences data collected in the field on beach segments, access points, primary and secondary defences, associated structures, defects and photographs.

During inspections, the condition grade methodology uses a 1-5 (very good to very poor) approach.  It provides a description, indicators and photographs for a range of defence condition states, to ensure a consistency within field inspections.

Once data is collected, coastal management and risk information can be input from relevant shoreline management plans or Coastal Hazard Management Plans.  This can include information on tidal planes, extreme sea levels and coastal erosion areas; for present day and future conditions; e.g. 2030, 2050 and 2100. These are used to provide a long-range view of likely liabilities, of increasing coastal process risks posed to assets, but also the likely future maintenance and capital costs.


Dan is a Director at JBP for Coastal Risk Management, and a chartered civil and marine engineer.  He has worked throughout Australia, the UK, France, India and the Pacific in coastal infrastructure projects.

His focus is the integration of innovation and technology within coastal management.  This ranges from the use of detailed numerical modelling, to the development of details coastal warning systems for fast responses.