Baseline Performance Testing and Practical Training for Swath Mapping Systems

Dr Douglas Bergersen1, Nicole Bergersen

1Acoustic Imaging Pty Ltd, Cooroy, Australia


Swath mapping of marine environments provide essential information for many coastal management efforts. Mapping techniques often include swath bathymetry, sidescan sonar, subbottom profiling and seismic. Accurate and repeatable results are key to deriving meaningful conclusions for any given project. Technological advances in the field have made swath mapping easier to conduct and consequently has expanded the pool potential data suppliers. However, speciality knowledge is still required.

Acoustic Imaging embraces the concept of broadening the  swath mapping community beyond dedicated survey companies.   Integration and baseline performance testing services allows both data suppliers and clients to fully understand the capabilities of the systems they are using and limitations to the data acquired. These services extend from desktop studies to ensure the most appropriate equipment is employed or purchased, to installation and data analysis highlighting constraints of an equipment suite. Such knowledge minimises risks for both the survey provider and client. The performance testing aligns with international standards and allows data to be more readily accepted as part of a national marine database.

Associated with integration / implementation is training on equipment use and data monitoring. Acoustic Imaging provides practical training at a variety of survey stages (e.g., installation, calibration, acquisition, processing, presentation).  Each course is tailored to the system and objectives of the client, with the ultimate goal of establishing confidence that proper procedures are in place to capture data in a form that supports archiving, monitoring, and auditing purposes.


Douglas Bergersen has a MSc and PhD in Marine Geophysics from the University of Hawaii and has been working in the offshore industry for over 30 years.

Through his company Acoustic Imaging he advises clients in the Austral-Asia region on issues ranging from appropriate survey strategies for addressing various mapping objectives to optimised data processing workflows to overall project management.

Acoustic Imaging promotes the expansion of marine mapping efforts beyond dedicated survey companies. We offer complete integration and practical education services across a variety of platforms and disciplines, ranging from hydrography to geophysics to geodetics.