Identifying and incorporating community coastal values in coastal hazard risk management and adaptation planning: A case study of the south west of Western Australia

Joanne Ludbrook1

1Curtin University, Perth, Australia, 2Peron Naturaliste Partnership, Mandurah, Australia


This research is a community focused coastal climate change study; it will show how community coastal values can be identified and incorporated into coastal hazard risk management and adaptation planning in Western Australia. Several coastal cities and towns in the south west of Western Australia have been identified as being at significant risk from the impacts of climate change (Damara WA, 2012). Coastal hazard risk management and adaptation planning are often undertaken from an engineering perspective. However, because sustainability deals with social, cultural, economic and environmental aspects of the coast, it is important that technical information supports, and is supported by, clear understanding of how the community interprets and values the coast.

The present study focuses on key coastal sites in the southwest settlements of Rockingham, Bunbury and Busselton. The research aims to identify and gain a better understanding of community coastal values and how these values may be impacted as a result of climate change. The research also aims to explore how social learning can enhance understanding and knowledge uptake of coastal climate change in the community. The research results will then be used to inform the development of a coastal hazard risk management and adaptation planning framework to better plan and manage current and future coastal risks. These processes in turn help support coastal sustainability.

Damara WA. (2012). Coastal Hazard Mapping for Economic Analysis of Climate Change Adaptation in the Peron-Naturaliste Region (169-01).


Joanne has worked for the Peron Naturaliste Partnership for 6 years. The majority of this work relates to coastal climate change adaptation, to build capacity and support local government in supporting resilient coastal communities in the south west of Western Australia. Joanne is also the Western Australian branch – Volunteer Coordinator of the Australian Coastal Society and a committee member of the Western Australian Landcare Network.