Status and trends of resident shorebirds in Tasmania

Dr Eric Woehler1

1Birdlife Tasmania, , Australia


The distribution, abundance and population trends of resident shorebirds in Tasmania are critical for their conservation and management. Breeding population surveys of sandy beaches around Tasmania since the late 1990s provide the data to prepare statewide syntheses of the distribution and trends for Hooded and Red-capped Plovers, and Pied Oystercatchers. Data for Fairy and Little Terns are obtained during shorebird surveys, and are included in the syntheses due to the similarities of nesting habitats and threats. Based on these surveys and syntheses to date, Tasmania is believed to support almost half the Australian and/or global populations of Hooded Plover and Pied Oystercatcher, and significant proportions of the Australian populations of Fairy and Little Terns.


Eric Woehler has been working on Tasmania’s shorebirds and seabirds for almost 40 years.