2018 – Workshops

The following workshops were held during the 2018 Coast to Coast Conference.

Little Penguin Workshop

Derwent Estuary Program

We warmly invite land managers, scientists, students, practitioners and community members with an interest in Little Penguins (Eudyptula minor) to a half-day workshop. The workshop will draw on attendees’ expertise and experience for the on-ground management, research and conservation of Little Penguins in Australia and New Zealand. We want to share the current best management practices and hear what our scientists and students are working on to improve conservation outcomes, and find out where gaps in our collective knowledge exist. Come and share your news, what approaches are working and/or not working for you, and where you see Little Penguin conservation heading in the next few years.

Department of State Growth

Coastal Hazards Management Workshop

Facilitated by Marcello Sano – Griffith Centre for Coastal Management


Hazards such as tropical cyclones, large storms and storm surges frequently challenge coastal communities in Australia. Erosion and storm tide inundation threaten coastal settlements, infrastructure and ecosystems. Climate variability and change, including sea level rise trends and changes in weather patterns, are also likely to add pressure to coastal communities.

Local governments carry the burden of managing such risks. In this workshop, the east coast Australian experience in managing coastal hazards and planning for the future to increase community resilience will be used as a guide for intrastate, interstate and international participants.

This is a professional development workshop designed to improve the understanding of coastal dynamics and impacts on settlements, infrastructure and ecosystems, and to develop skills for coastal hazard and climate change adaptation. Workshop eligible for Engineers Australia CPD.

Facilitated by Marcello Sano – Griffith Centre for Coastal Management

Speakers: Bruce Thom (University of Sydney), Geoff Wescott (Deakin University), Nick Harvey (University of Adelaide), Rodger Tomlinson (Griffith University), Chris Sharples (University of Tasmania)

Sea Country Managers Workshop


Join us for a collaborative workshop exploring sea country management, particularly sea country Indigenous Protected Areas.  The principal aim of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for indigenous sea country managers and others from around Australia to share their knowledge, to discuss their successes, challenges and solutions, and to learn from others’ experiences.

The workshop will also provide information about the technical and regulatory assistance available to support IPAs, insights into management of sea country in other countries, and an opportunity to discuss potential application on-country in Tasmania.

We hope that the sharing of knowledge, skills and experience will help strengthen sea country management across the country.