CoastAdapt in action – How CoastAdapt is being used to support climate change adaptation in Australia

David Rissik1

1Senior Principal Climate Change Adaptation with BMT Global


CoastAdapt was launched in June 2107. Since then there have been various updates, but it has generally remained constant and available to all users and interested people to support their climate adaptation needs. Whether considering risk, making a plan, or just wanting to learn more, users have been accessing the framework.  I will give a brief overview of CoastAdapt, including some of the updates and will present some of the ways in which it is being used.  Examples will include local government, industry, and the local government sector.


David Rissik is a Senior Principal Climate Change Adaptation with BMTGlobal, an Adjunct Professor with the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, and a Non-Executive Director of Green Cross Australia.  He is heavily involved in coastal management planning projects in the eastern states of Australia, and doing a number of other projects supporting adaptation planning in government and industry. Dave is a coastal ecologist, with a strong interest in socio-ecological systems, and is very focussed on helping to link science and research with the users of the work including in policy and management.