Coastal Management Decision Support Framework, Case Study – Yorke Peninsula

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1Wavelength Consulting


The Yorke Peninsula Council manages over 400km of coastline, which presents a range of coastal management challenges, including:

  • Numerous coastal assets to manage and maintain
  • Varied coastal processes and related hazards
  • Competing needs and expectations from different stakeholders

These combined challenges present significant difficulties for the Council, particularly in prioritising constrained budgets to address various coastal issues.

The focus of this project was to develop a decision support framework, intended to help the Council to address coastal management issues on their coast in a more holistic and robust manner, and  moving towards more proactive coastal management.

Development of the framework involved the compilation of a database, consolidating all of the competing coastal management issues and existing management recommendations. Gap analysis was also undertaken to identify coastal issues and associated management initiatives that were not well documented.

A prioritisation framework was developed with criteria to assess the impact, urgency and subsequent criticality of each coastal management initiative, as well as high level costings.  The completed framework provides clear recommended of  priority levels for each coastal management initiative, using the following  category descriptors:

  • Major projects (high cost and critical)
  • Quick wins (low cost and critical)
  • Defer (low cost and not critical)
  • To avoid (high costs and not critical)

The resulting framework provides the Council with a robust and defendable decision making tool, which both clarifies current priorities, and provides significantly improved planning for the future management of their coastline.


Annabel has extensive experience in the coastal, environmental and resources sectors, primarily in coastal engineering and management roles, holding a degree in Environmental Engineering (Hons) and a Graduate Diploma in Coastal Engineering.  Annabel has leveraged her technical experience in engineering and science and her aptitude for strategic project management to develop a niche (and much needed) service of helping local, state government and industry future proof their communities, assets and environments.

Annabel is also a sitting member of the  South Australian Coast Protection Board.  Annabel’s specific role to the Board is to provide guidance and advice specific to coastal management technical challenges.