Fostering environmentally beneficial behaviours: the keys to community engagement

Ms Angeline Poole1

1Bellarine Catchment Network, Geelong and Bellarine , Australia


Land managers and facilitators are generally restricted by their limited resources; whether it be time, money or assets. It is extremely beneficial to establish capacity-building partnerships to tap into the power of  our communities. This workshop will take you through the essential tools to establish behavioural changes and empower community to develop sustainable habits to protect their coastal environments.   You will discover the steps of community-based engagement through demonstrated case studies, discussion and participation.  Make the most of your resources and create momentum for broad-scale change.


Angeline Poole has been working in the coastal environment her entire professional life.  From culturing gold pearls in Indonesia, research projects in the remote top end, tertiary teaching and now as the coastal program leader at the Bellarine Catchment Network.  Her formal qualifications are in marine science, resource management and education.

Juggler – supporting and empowering the community with enthusiasm with many different projects throughout the Geelong region to care for our bays, reduce litter and inspire waste reduction.

Master Builder – fostering strong, authentic partnerships to ensure that people, resources and brilliance come together to achieve greater outcomes which address waste issues.