Caring for the Perth Coast: Maintaining a presence through funding peaks and troughs

Mrs Kate Sputore1, Miss  Hannah Gulliver1

1Perth Nrm, Perth, Australia


Over the past fifteen years funding challenges for NRM groups has seen the rise and demise of many an environmental program.

The Perth NRM Coastal and Marine Program – at one point the only remaining Coastal and Marine Program in the state of Western Australia – has maintained momentum over this time and continues to connect community, environment and culture to deepen affection, encourage advocacy and build capacity for coastal conservation in the region.

This presentation will cover some of the challenges and successes of the Perth NRM Coastal and Marine team, looking at innovative engagement and future planning as a means of sustaining this long-running program.


Kate Sputore has worked for Perth NRM for over 13 years managing coastal projects across the northern metropolitan region. She is a previous ‘Australian Innovative Young Landcare Award’ winner and is consistently roping her family and friends into coastal planting  events under the guise of a free bbq.