Making memorable coastal education experiences

Mr Wayne Walters1

1Perth Nrm, Belmont, Australia


If your community engagement activity isn’t memorable, will it lead to conservation action?

The Adopt A Beach school program in Western Australia aims to create meaningful and memorable coastal education experiences for schools. This is done through carefully crafted, purposeful, experiences that are targeted for students and their teachers.

The session outlines key principles for helping make an experience memorable to increase the potential for conservation action. It will incorporate examples of how to maintain your audience’s attention, present your content in unexpected ways and tug at their heart strings.

This presentation is well suited for environmental education practitioners and people working on community engagement projects.


Wayne is an experienced environmental educator. His background includes teaching high school science and a variety of education and engagement roles across local government, Perth Zoo, the Western Australian Museum and recently at Perth NRM. He is currently the Education Officer for Perth NRM’s Adopt A Beach Program.