A scientific update on the Victorian Coastal Monitoring Program (VCMP)

Dr Rafael Carvalho1, Dr. David Kennedy2, Dr. Blake  Allan1, Dr. Mary Young1, Dr. Stephan O’Brien1, Mr. Nicolas Pucino1, Dr. Chloe Leach2, Dr. Teresa Konlechner2, Ms. Karina Sorrell2, Dr. Ian Young2, Dr. Lawrance Ferns3, Dr. Daniel Ierodiaconou1

1Deakin University, Warrnambool, Australia, 2The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia, 3DELWP, Melbourne, Australia


This presentation highlights the scientific advances made in the past 18 months to better understand the dynamics of Victoria’s open coast in the context of the Victorian Coastal Monitoring Program (VCMP), a multi-million co-investment program involving Deakin University, the University of Melbourne and the Victorian Department of Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

The VCMP explores the fundamental interconnectedness that drives shoreline change by linking shoreline and beach dune morphodynamics to offshore bathymetry adding values for emergency preparedness, insurance risk assessments, urban planning, coastal habitat management, beach renourishment, dredging strategies and building standards for coastal structures.

This project update includes advances in seabed mapping, sediment characterisation and dynamics, wave buoy network, historical change in shoreline positions, conceptual models of future evolution of the beach-dune system and citizen science drone data collection.


Dr. Rafael Carvalho is a Geographer with a research focus on coastal geomorphology and sedimentology, water resources and marine conservation.  Rafael currently works as an Associate Research Fellow at Deakin University as part of the Victorian Coastal Monitoring Program team.