Implementation of shoreline erosion management plan at Amity Point: a complex challenge

Ms Linda Rijkenberg1, Mrs Astrid Stuer1

1Water Technology, South Brisbane, Australia


The township of Amity Point is located at the north-eastern point of North Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia. The local Council engaged Water Technology (WT) to conduct a Shoreline Erosion Management Plan (SEMP) with a 20-year planning horizon. The foreshore is subject to retrogressive flow slides, while this phenomenon is not well understood, the private property owners have historically defended their properties by placing (mainly) rocks from the local quarry at the foreshore. The SEMP recognises the seawall style protection as a Flow Slide Barrier (FSB) and recommends continuous maintenance of the structure.

WT was re-engaged to scope a strategy for implementation of the SEMP recommendations. The complexity around the implementation of the SEMP is due to the many stakeholders involved, as well as inclusion of legal implications around Native Title determination and maintenance obligations of the FSB. During this process specialised disciplines such as coastal law, community engagement and coastal engineering must collaborate to cover all aspects of the plan. A technical and legal review were conducted to ensure the engineering works are feasible and suitable as well as manageable for all involved stakeholders.

More Native Title consent determinations are to be expected in the future. Which could have effect on the way Coastal Engineers have to deal with local resources and areas of cultural significance. The paper and presentation will outline how those issues can be overcome at North Stradbroke Island.


Linda is a dedicated Coastal Engineer with passion for coastal and beach dynamics. She is experienced in both the engineering and managerial side of projects. With 3+ years of postgrad experience under her belt, she is especially passionate about projects that involve protecting the environment from severe coastal hazards.

Linda has been involved with Amity Point Implementation plan since June last year. She has assisted Astrid with the Rock supply study, Implementation plan and community engagement.