Applying the best of leadership theory and practice to integrated coastal zone management (ICZM)

Mr Chris Rees1

1Impact Solutions International Pty Ltd, Kingston Beach, Australia, 2Australian Coastal Society, Hobart, Australia


Even the best developed leadership skills of ICZM practitioners can be challenged working in an area where there is such a diversity of environmental, political, economic and social ‘voices’. To help us work more effectively, the best thinking in the field of leadership development can provide some valuable insights into the development of individual and organisational consciousness and behaviour. This paper will explore thoroughly researched and practiced leadership frameworks including Process Work, Theory U and The Leadership Circle – all of these are solidly proven to have cross-cultural integrity. The author will build on well over 20 years directly involved in ICZM and 10 years work in leadership development and organisational change in Australia and internationally. The aim is to provide Coast to Coast 2020 delegates with immediately useful deeper insights into working with individuals, groups and organisations in the coastal space.


Chris Rees has had a lifelong interest in coastal ecosystems and after mapping Tasmanian seagrasses in the early 1990s worked for nearly 20 years in ICZM in Tasmania and nationally. For the past 10 years he has worked in leadership development in Australia and internationally. Chris has been an ACS member since it’s inception and convened Coast to Coast in 2004 and 2018 (with Eric Woehler). He is presently working with Councils in Tasmania on coastal hazard management.