Conservation of coastal values on truwana/Cape Barren Island, Tasmania

Dr Eric Woehler1, Fiona Maher2,3, Graeme Gardner3

1Birdlife Tasmania, , , 2truwana Rangers, , , 3Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania


A collaborative effort amongst the Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania (ALCT), BirdLife Tasmania and the truwana Rangers is providing new data on the coastal bird values on truwana/Cape Barren Island.

GPS mapping surveys of beach-nesting shorebirds and seabirds undertaken by BirdLife Tasmania at the invitation of the indigenous community have identified key breeding sites around the island and previously unknown internationally-significant breeding populations of shorebirds.

Visits in January 2019 and January 2020 each surveyed approximately 45km of foreshore on the island; focal species for the surveys were Hooded Plovers, Pied Oystercatchers and Fairy Terns. All breeding sites mapped in situ, and all data on species’ numbers, distribution and breeding status are shared with the indigenous community.

Annual surveys are planned to provide further data on population trends. The results will contribute to improved management of sensitive coastal areas on truwana/Cape Barren Island by the indigenous community.


Dr Eric Woehler has been working on seabirds for 40 years.