National coastal adaptation agenda 2010 to 2021

Prof. Bruce Thom

1NSW Coastal Council, Sydney South, Australia


It is hard to believe that only 10 years ago on 18 February, 2010, around 180 coastal wonks gathered in Adelaide to discuss “developing a national coastal adaptation agenda”. It was a Forum sponsored by the then Australian Government’s Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (DCCEE). A subsequent report of the Forum was released by the Department. In addition, in 2009 the report on climate change impacts on the coast from the Department of Climate Change was released as was the coastal report of the committee chaired by Jenny George MP in the House of Representatives. All this gave us great hope for the future, but how times have changed? This paper will address the difficulties coastal communities have faced in adopting a national approach to coastal management during the last decade.


Chair NSW Coastal Council