Fitzroy Gully Erosion Control project

Fahle L1, Jeston P2

1Conservation Volunteers Australia,

2Catchment Solutions Pty Limited


Catchment Solutions and Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) have partnered together on the Reef Trust 4 F11 – Fitzroy Subcatchment Gully and Stream Bank Erosion Control Program to deliver on ground activities with key landholders and community volunteers in the Fitzroy area.

The program has undertaken an integrated catchment approach to sediment reduction associated with gully and stream bank erosion, targeting the creek systems of Louisa Creek, Princhester and Ten Mile Creeks located within the neighbourhood catchments F11 / F12 of the Fitzroy River. These subcatchments within the Fitzroy River have been identified as a high priority to address sediment loads from grazing within the Fitzroy Water Quality Improvement Plan. This integrated approach will also provide landholders the opportunity to undertake stock exclusion fencing and off-stream water points to remove livestock and establish continuous well-vegetated riparian areas.

The program directly addresses gully (alluvial) and stream bank restoration with active re-vegetation programs led by CVA (including seedling plantings, porous check dams, and strategic weed management). These site improvements to address gully and stream bank erosion  have been monitored over two to three yearly and used in regional extension activities.  This Project with Catchment Solutions will prevent over 6,500t of fine sediment getting to the waters of the Great Barrier Reef each year. The Project is funded by the Australian Government and delivered through the Reef Trust.


Linda Fahle has worked in the not for profit conservation sector for over 5 years with experience in connecting community members in riparian revegetation, coastal rehabilitation and citizen science projects.