The Cape to Cape Resilience Project – living with our changing coast

Philippou C1, James D1, Bicknell P2

1Victorian Department Of Environment, Land, Water and Planning,

2Alluvium Consulting


The town of Inverloch on Victoria’s Bass Coast is a thriving small coastal community which grows significantly during tourist seasons. In 2013, the highly valued surf beach began to experience erosion that impacted surf lifesaving assets, damaging a lookout tower, and threatening the lifesaving club building on the foreshore reserve.

In the period 2012 to present, 35 to 50m of vegetated sand dune have been eroded, and the nearby Bunurong Coastal Drive has been exposed during storms. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) teamed up with local land and asset managers to address the erosion issues, implementing several short-term mitigation actions. Further, the first Regional and Strategic Partnership (RaSP) was established under the Marine and Coastal Act 2018, bringing together nine coastal agencies with Traditional Owners, the Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation.

The RaSP initiated the Cape to Cape Resilience Project in 2020, which is drawing on extensive stakeholder engagement to encourage community support and ownership and inform the technical work and strategic decision making for coastal management and adaptation in the Inverloch region.

A coastal hazard assessment, risk and vulnerability study and adaptation modelling will be used to create a coastal resilience plan, working with the Victorian Marine and Coastal Policy’s adaptation pathways approach, and testing Victoria’s new coastal resilience framework. In consultation with the Victorian Marine and Coastal Council and DELWP’s Marine Policy division, the project will help shape Victoria’s approach to coastal resilience and adaptation into the future.


Cass Philippou is an experienced coastal project manager with a background in maritime and coastal archaeology, coastal environmental management and stakeholder engagement. In her current role she manages coastal protection projects around Victoria, including project managing the Inverloch Regional and Strategic Partnership. Previously, Cass spent over 15 years working in maritime heritage management.