Managed or Messy – perspectives on future coastal adaptation

Dorean Erhart

Climate Risk Management Specialist, Linden Climate Advisory


Australia’s coasts have always been exposed to a range of hazards, but with more people and property occupying our coastlines than ever before and locked-in sea level rise to 2100 and beyond, the stage is set for a reckoning.  The need to retreat from some of our most impacted coastlines will be inevitable.

The presentation will discuss the key actors in coastal hazard adaptation planning and response, the relationships between various interests, and consider whether Australia can achieve a fair and equitable retreat.


Dorean F Erhart is a landscape architect with 28 years’ experience applying design and systems thinking to complex policy and planning problems in the fields of climate risk, coastal management and conservation. She has instigated and designed several statewide programs and initiatives, most recently, the Queensland Climate Resilient Councils and QCoast2100 programs, the Reef Councils’ Rescue Plan and the Coastal Councils Adaptation Taskforce (C-CAT). Dorean is dedicated to supporting the translation of science and leading practice theory into practical on-ground approaches and has co-authored and led the development of several climate risk management guidelines and support documents for local government practitioners, including the Climate Risk Management Framework for Queensland Local Government and guideline, and the QCoast2100 Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy Minimum Standards and Guideline.
After more than 11 years providing state and national representation and advocacy on behalf of Queensland Local Governments, Dorean has established Linden Climate Advisory to support a wider range of organisations, businesses and governments in understanding and responding to climate related risks to their goals, objectives and bottom lines.