Coast to Coast Artist Auction

The Australian Coastal Society will be hosting an auction at the 2021 Coast to Coast Conference Dinner.  Thank you to the artists who have generously donated their artwork in support of the ACS and the Coast to Coast Conference.

If you would like to view any of the artists other works, please find details below.

‘Ruddy Turnstones’ from 'The Vanishing Reserve' Series - Acrylic, 2018

Artist: Teresa O’Brien

Teresa O’Brien is an artist from Killarney in South West Victoria, where she lives among the swans, woolly tea tree , shorebirds and ever changing moon. She has been actively involved in the arts for the last 25 years through her work as a painter and as a producer of Arts, Indigenous, Cultural & Music festivals, events & programs throughout regional and remote Australia. The themes of her creative work range from social commentary to spiritual landscapes. She draws from the well of her deep family connection to the coastline and attempts to capture the unique life, light and colours of that special coastal strip in South West Victoria.




Artist: Adrienne Famlonga

Higher Perspective

Higher perspective is inspired by our expansive universe. When planet earth is viewed from outer space, it’s an unmistakable glowing blue ball…. but what about the other planets out there.. the ones we haven’t seen before?