01. Going with the Onkaparinga Flow – Pushing boundaries and connecting communities Kerri Bartley
02. Sustainable sediments for coastal resilience – can dredging be part of the solution? Charlie Bicknell
03. DEA Coastlines: Mapping Australia’s dynamic coastline at mid-tide using three decades of satellite imagery Dr Robbi Bishop-Taylor
04. Geoparks – Bringing Communities Together for Positive Environmental Outcomes Dr Alan Briggs
05. Marine ecosystems across turbidity gradients in arid tropical Australia could undergo regime shifts due to climate change Paula Cartwright
06. A scientific update on the Victorian Coastal Monitoring Program (VCMP) Dr Rafael Carvalho
07. Simulating Erosion Between Groynes During Extreme Weather Events Using XBeach Model Alysha Chandler
08. An investigation of lifejacket use in four popular coastal activities Shane Daw
09. Lives on the line : Rock fishing drowning and mitigation in Australia Shane Daw
10. Smart cameras for coastal monitoring Chris Drummond
11. Estimating anthropogenic debris risk across the NSW Marine Estate Jordan Gacutan
12. Tropical cyclone pathways of the Fitzroy Catchment, Queensland, Australia Jessie Gray
13. On the non-stationarity of flood risk – a case study of the Fitzroy Basin and Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia Jasmine Jaffres
14. Exploring marine stinger impacts on the Australian community Dr Jaz Lawes
15. Using coastal participation to explore changes to environmental impacts post COVID-19 Dr Jaz Lawes
16. Dying to help : Fatal bystander rescues in Australian coastal environments Dr Jaz Lawes
17. Determining the coastal erosion vulnearbility of Australia using Bayesian networks Yongjing Mao
18. Citizen science can create valuable long-term datasets, case study from a Queensland coastal volunteer program Daryl Metters
19. Understanding particulate organic nutrient dynamics in the Coorong, South Australia – part of the Healthy Coorong, Healthy Basin Action Plan Dr Stacey Priestley
20. #SeaToSource – tackling one of the world’s most solvable environmental issues Renae Riviere
21. Managing uncertainty when informing about swimming conditions downstream of urbanisation Dr Ana Rubio
22. Long term coastal datasets – What else have we been measuring? John Ryan
23. Seasonal water mixing and carbonate cycling in the Coorong lagoon, South Australia constrained via Sr isotope tracers (87Sr/86Sr and δ88/86Sr) Yuexiao Shao
24. Summer seagrass wrack accumulations at Two Rocks, Western Australia – investigation and management pathways Timothy Stead
25. Gazania Free Gardens- Multiple approaches to engaging coastal communities to drive behaviour change Caroline Taylor
26. Caring for Low Head’s Little Penguins Dr Eric Woehler
27. Conservation of coastal values on truwana/Cape Barren Island, Tasmania Dr Eric Woehler