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Field Trip Sponsor

Cairns Regional Council is proud to be supporting the Coast to Coast Conference in 2020 and we welcome you to our city.

With 81km of beautiful coastline, our community lives, works and plays on the coast, rivers, creeks, estuaries and offshore islands.

Our unique natural coastline is fringed by two World Heritage listed areas, the Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics rainforests, and is valued highly by our 164,000 residents and 2.9 million annual visitors alike. A major feature of the Cairns Regional Council’s vision for the future – to become the world’s most liveable and enterprising regional city  –  is to harness our connection to our natural assets and recognise the symbiotic relationship between our region’s environment and economy.



BMT is a leading international multi-disciplinary engineering, science and technology consultancy offering a broad range of services in the environment, energy, shipping, ports and defence sectors.

The Water and Environment Group of BMT is recognised as one of Australia’s premier environmental consultants. Within Australia, BMT have staff working on environmental and related studies.


The Whitsunday Climate Change Innovation Hub (Hub) aims to develop real-world and innovative solutions to assist the Whitsunday region in facing climate change challenges. In doing so, the Hub will act as a think tank to reflect and transmit knowledge based best practices in the wider community.

The Coastal Councils Adaptation Taskforce (C-CAT) provides expert guidance to assist six coastal councils to work through complexities associated with climate change. The C-CAT provides a collaborative forum to address common issues across the Councils, strengthen advocacy and ensure consistency in response.



The Queensland Government Hydraulics Laboratory provides technical expertise in coastal engineering and monitoring to support policy, research, planning, and disaster management. The unit houses the coastal physical modelling laboratory; manages the storm tide and wave monitoring networks along the Queensland coastline; administers the Tweed Sand Bypassing Project; and provides technical support to other agencies regarding coastal processes and modelling.



Bluemont supplies a limited selection of the world’s best tested & proven environmental solutions for Erosion Management, mobile Fire & Water Movement Systems and Flood Prevention.
The Bluemont Kyowa Rock Bags are engineered specifically for erosion and scour protection use on:
– Beaches and foreshores,
– Ports and offshore submarine cables & pipes, wharfs, piers, jetties,
– Bridges: rail and road,
– Rail embankment stabilisation,
– Civil works; roads, pylons, road cutting stabilisation,
– Scouring, table drains and river banks.
Projects include: Wamberal Beach, Stockton Beach, Collaroy Beach, Lyttleton Port upgrade, NZ which included physical model testing at Manly.
Also road and rail bridges, road upgrades and boat ramps for companies such as ARTC, RoadTek, Lendlease, Soil Conservation Service and local Councils.https://www.bluemont.com.au/erosion/kyowa-rock-filter-bags/ 

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