Phil Duncan

Phil Duncan is from Moree New South Wales and is a member of the Gomeroi Nation and an elected representative of the Gomeroi Nation Native Title Claimant Group. His homelands are Moree and Terry Hie Hie. Phil is experienced in working and collaborating with Aboriginal people and government to improve the lives of Aboriginal people through recognition of our rich cultural history, the return of our lands, the improvement of our living conditions and education of our next generation through both his employment and active volunteer community work.
Phil provides high level policy and strategic advice and leadership to key Indigenous Representative Organisations, Universities, State and Federal government agencies as well as key external stakeholder groups. The strategic advice, leadership and engagement is around issues of culture and heritage significance, community engagement in on-ground projects, as well as the design, delivery and implementation of programs in partnership with government. Phil has made significant contributions in a variety of domains from education and organisational reconciliation action through to areas of focus such as cultural heritage, natural resource management, freshwater river management, forestry, native fish, water rights and allocations.
Phil life has been shaped by his cultural values that have been instilled since birth. Phil has a strong interpersonal, caring, and networking abilities enabling him to engage inclusively and genuinely across boundaries (individual and organizational). He is active in managing and maintaining connections, and representing and understanding different viewpoints which can be applied to creating trusting and collaborative relationships.